Cell Phones Reduce Traffic

Two companies, IntelliOne and AirSage are working on a solution to the growing traffic problem on the nation’s roads. By using data related to cellphones traveling in cars, they are able to see where traffic is moving and where it is not. Since the data will be used in aggregate there isn’t an immediate privacy problem but it is obvious law enforcement will have instant access to this system. In addition expect there to be data breaches like there are everywhere else.

Cy Smith, AirSage’s president and CEO, said more than $1 billion is spent each year by government agencies to track traffic, but the expense doesn’t even cover 1 percent of the nation’s roads. He said his company can increase coverage tenfold at the same expense.

So in the end I am for this technology and I realize (haven’t you?) that privacy has been lost. It was lost many years ago and we lose more of it very year. To me, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks on this issue. I suppose if you don’t deal with traffic issues your viewpoint may be different. MSNBC has more on this story.

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