Comverse Gets Social at MWC2013

Comverse showed me their Share solution at Mobile World Congress 2013 which allows carriers to deliver a Facebook app giving the user a portal into their subscriber account. Once you enter the app, you are prompted to enter a phone number and are subsequently sent a text message allowing you to get a code which enables authentication.

At this point you can check your account balance, send notes to customer care and more. The operator benefits as well because they can mine the user likes and preferences allowing them to determine for example if they may be a candidate for a bundle or special offering.

Moreover by integrating the traditional knowledge a carrier has about a customer, for example what device they use, they can offered targeted ads. For example if they are an Android user with a Samsung device near contract-end, they may be interested and likely to click on an ad for an HTC One.

In addition, Alice Bartram, AVP Portfolio Marketing told me there is a strong push into the cloud, allowing a service provider to outsource their MMS to the company and thus minimize CAPEX spending. Moreover, there is a focus here at the show on telling operators that Comverse is the right partner to bring them into the world of new services. This is done by first bringing existing services into the world of IMS and then enabling new next-gen IP services to be rolled out quickly.

Point being, we aren’t moving to an all-IP world tomorrow but that is the destination. As we travel down the road, carriers need to be able to provide new as well as legacy services to their diverse subscriber base.


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