Comverse Helps CSPs Master the IP/4G World

At MWC 2014 in Barcelona, I had a chance to catch up with Yariv Geller the VP, Coorporate Marketing at Comverse to learn how the company is helping communications service providers migrate to a new world of social, IP and 4G. We followed up on my conversation with the company at the show last year which focused on the company’s embracing of social networking. He further discussed the company’s integration with Facebook allowing carriers to determine the interests of its users. This is acheived via Comverse ONE and its marketing-oriented policy solution (PCRF) and analytics which enable new monetization paradigms. In this way, operators are able to better target solutions to its customers.

Geller explained his company is about helping carriers provide core communications services and expand into an IP and 4G/LTE world.

There are three major components they provide for their customers:

  1. Service innovation: Helping customers with voice services such as voice completion, voicemail, MMS SMS as it moves to all IP. He said Comverse enables carriers become digital lifestyle providers. He continued and said, “Carriers have ubiquity – SMS can go anywhere around the globe.” He contrasted that to OTT apps which require all the users to have the same client.
  2. Policy functions: Network data, QoE improvements and help with monetization
  3. BSS: New innovation in terms of pricing and self-service

He talked about how he is working with carriers to provide specialized services which could be enabling Twitter or Facebook only with a small bucket of data minutes. The idea is to get customers hooked on a service and hope they expand into bigger customers utilizing more services. This is not unlike what Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said at his keynote here at the show.

The company also showed attendees new analytics capabilities – their Actionable Intelligence tool incorporates marketing strategies based on triggers to determine which actions should be taken based on a specific event. One example is a customer checking the terms of their contract online or perhaps they reduce their usage. The carrier can use these triggers to send an incentive, coupon or special offer. The technology can also be used to prompt users to top off their accounts more often.

Yesterday, a telecom provider asked him what’s next. His answer was there is no single killer app, there are many things happening. He continued by saying carriers have to work to make sure they dont lose customers to OTT. They need better tools to allow them to better interact with customers to keep them engaged and reduce churn.


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