Consumers Tell Mobile Carriers how to Save Millions

Wireless carriers spend millions on contact center calls related to device sack-of-money.jpgquestions from their subscribers and to lean more Amdocs recently commissioned a survey which shows that while 83% of the 2,900 consumers surveyed are aware of self-service options, only 37% of consumers use them. Why? You may think because they don’t have access to a PC or perhaps they have an Apple iDevice and are afraid the answer will be in Adobe Flash and all they will see is a series of question marks.

Well, if this is what you thought, you’d be wrong on both counts. The reality is that they expect the answers to be wrong or inaccurate.

So perhaps you are thinking, social media is the solution. Nope, 75% of users did not find a satisfactory answer there.

91% of respondents requested a single repository of information which would keep them from having to rely on Google, Bing and/or another search provider.

TMCnet’s Peter Bernstein goes into considerable depth, analyzing the study and making important recommendations about how to reduce call center call volume and the associated cost. Wireless service providers should really read the piece.

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