Please read this post only if being humbled by technology is not something which will upset you. I must admit when I first heard about croudgaming I was a bit mortified. What has mankind become I wondered?
You see the history of pointing devices has been an interesting one. First there were the arrow keys, then the mouse. Nintendo’s Wii has interesting pointing devices/joysticks allowing a virtual reality of sorts. But the one-to-one human interaction with a device attached to a human appendage has been eclipsed allowing the pointing device to transcend the human appendage and lodge itself firmly in the group consciousness.
You see, motion sensing technology in a place like a movie theatre currently allows the audience to work together to solve a problem – admittedly a simple one. As can be seen below, this sort of technology makes the individual insignificant. Yes my friends, each of us is destined to be the equivalent of the worker ant in an anthill.
But as sad as all this is, it may not be so bad. You see in Manhattan it is tough to get a stranger to speak with you, let alone work together to solve a problem. This sort of technology could actually be good for human interaction.
So often, video games, online dating services and web browsing in general have made us communicate in person less than ever. I grew up in a neighborhood playing sports and catching fish, frogs, salamanders and virtually any other creature that was momentarily slow enough for me to lunge at and secure with my adolescent hands. I had tons of friends to hang out with each day. I interacted with others all day in fact.
I am sure if I were a kid today I would lock myself up in my room constantly in order to play whatever the latest video game happens to be.
So croudgaming may make me feel insignificant but if in the end, human beings start to warm up to one another and this technology starts to bring us together once again, I am all for it.

Take a look at how crowdgaming works:

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