Cyberloaf to Better Productivity

Web addicts rejoice, it turns out surfing your favorite sites during the day can make you more productive at work. Scientists tested students by seeing how many letter “e”s they could find – this was their work. And they contrasted web surfing breaks with no breaks, personal calls, texting and e-mailing. Some of the students weren’t given any breaks at all.

It turns out those students who surfed the web as as their breaks were more productive and effective. Whoohoo! You see, spending hours a day on Facebook can actually make you a better employee.

Of course the challenge is here is at what point do you spend more time than you needed surfing? And who hasn’t gone to the web for one thing only to get tangled up in a half-dozen sites? So it seems if you have workers with self-control, allowing web breaks from time to time is a good thing. Who knew?

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