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Recently I had a chance to have an email exchange with Gideon Hack, White Label Product Manager at DIDWW. You may remember he was CTO at Sangoma – the open-source board and UC company. His new company DIDWW provides white label DIDs allowing resellers to service local customers in markets around the world. Currently they provide trunks and access numbers in 60 countries by the way.

The company has a new drag-and-drop interface which allows its end user and wholesale customers to design call flows. The GUI allows you to determine how calls can be forwarded – how voicemail works and more or less allows rudimentary ACD/CRM features.

Think of it as a graphical method to design find me/follow me features.

An example is you can have a call forward from one number to another to another. You can further determine how many rings take place before the call journeys to its next “leg.” Check out the video above for more. Here are some of the company’s current resellers if you want to learn more.

Here is more from Gideon:

Typically, incoming calls are forwarded via DIDWW’s infrastructure to land lines, mobile phones, VoIP, Skype or Googletalk. But this is a simple, direct call mapping, with no real PBX features. The addition of the Advanced Call Forwarding (ACF) platform (provided free of charge) allows retail customers to control how an incoming call progresses, and easily add features such as IVR, voicemail, hunt groups, etc.

Certainly GUI based call control isn’t new – I’ve been covering app gens since 1995 but I like the way they have made this a cloud-based service and allow resellers to get into the telecom resale business in short order.

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