Do Banner Ads Work?

This morning on CNBC there was a market researcher from ACNielsen explaining that graphical banner ads don’t work. Joe Kernan was interviewing the researcher and was almost ranting about how banner ads don’t work. He was agreeing 100%. He says he never looks at them. The upshot of the interview was that banner ads stink and are a waste of money.

I just went to NBC’s site and saw lots of banner ads from companies such as LoanWeb, Orange, Chevrolet, and AT&T. If I had all day I am sure I could have found dozens more advertisers on this site.

I just wonder if Joe Kernan and this market researcher know more than the people spending money buying banners on

Probably more likely is that Kernan and ACNielson have bias and are hoping the Internet won’t take away their livelihood — TV advertising revenue.

The one thing this survey didn’t mention at all is that web advertising is measurable down to the second and results can be proven through IP addresses, cookies and other methods to ensure you are getting the results and even the audience you seek.

With TV you spend oodles of money and hope that your target audience doesn’t Tivo your message away.

CNBC, Squawk Box and Joe Kernan lost a great deal of my respect today because of what I see as a biased segment. I am still an avid fan of Kernan and watch Squawk Box religiously.

And as someone who speaks for a living I often say things that upon further reflection I don’t agree with. So if this is the case, Sorry Joe.

But let’s realize that Internet advertising is outpacing all other media today because of its unmatched levels of measurability. One day, TV advertising will merge with web advertising to allow the same benefits for TV ads but for now TV suffers from its lack of accountability and relevance in a Tivo-world.

  • Michael Rad
    May 1, 2006 at 6:57 am

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