Does Wearable Tech Make You a Jerk

To the fashionable, the latest technology innovations have typically been frowned upon. Wearing a bluetooth headset is more accepted than ever but still has a stigma in certain social circles. Apple is an example of a company that understood and embraced this challenge and at one time had the highest valuation of any publicly traded company as a result. This also explains why the iPhone 5 doesn’t look out of place next to an expensive watch.

In fact, smartphones are status symbols today and feature phones tell others you aren’t with it or are cheap.

Google is not Apple but they have certainly learned a lot from Cupertino and applied much of it to Google Glass. Even though this new wearable tech device is sleek in comparison to its capabilities, some believe wearable tech makes you look like a jerk. In fact CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla even mentioned so on live TV today. Interestingly the audience didn’t think he did. Or maybe they were being polite. Watch it for yourself and decide.

One day, wearable tech could become as ubiquitous as smartphones or perhaps even replace them. Society’s acceptance will in-part determine how the future unfolds.

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