Dr. Dobbs Journal Goes Away


In full disclosure TMC competes with the company formerly known as CMP (now Techweb) but I am still very sad the company stopped printing Dr. Dobbs Journal. Although I run a global integrated media company today my background is engineering and programming and Dr. Dobbs Journal taught me a great deal over the years.

I haven’t read it in an in-depth fashion in the last decade but I would always check it out when it hit my “non-virtual” inbox.

I told my developers Techweb would stop printing the magazine a number of months back and they debated me telling me they don’t want to read it online.
Seems like I am partially right.

Today the company sent this message to us:

Thank you for your interest in our publication. Dr. Dobbs Journal is going to merge into Information Week. Please visit the web site below subscribe to Information Week. If you need any further assistance, please let me know.

For me this is pretty good news as I also like Information Week but I am in the minority. The problem is the readers of each of these magazines are looking for different things and the merger will likely kill a publication which was struggling to begin with.

The irony of print magazines is readers still like them but advertisers do not. Magazine ads are not easily measured so the assumption by many marketing departments is the ads aren’t working.

Thankfully at TMC most of our publications are read online as PDFs which helps companies with their SEO and ability to measure performance.

Deep down this news hits me the same way as the days I found out Business 2.0, InfoWorld and PC Magazine will stop printing.

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