Elitecore Technologies Speeds Carrier Roll Outs

One of the trends at MWC 2014 was that of speed. Time to market for carriers needs to decrease to keep costs down and allow them to be more nimble. One of the companies at the show, Elitecore Technologies recently announced a win which they credit in-part to their ability to help their carrier customer deploy very quickly.

In fact, Vaibhav Mehta the company’s spokesperson told me they were able to deploy their integrated policy, charging and revenue management solutions at Lanka Bell in Sri Lanka to help them roll out next-generation services like prepaid-postpaid broadband, broadband data burst (LTE + Wi-Fi), VOIP, WiFi hotspot, ILL, SIP & VPN solutions.

Mehta emphasized to me that because all three platforms are in one, they could have a centralized product catalogue and subscriber view which decreases integration touchpoints with the various elements in th enetwork. He emphasized that this gives carriers an aggressive time to deploy and launch.

As the race continues around the world to provide next-gen 4G services I would expect many carriers to consider a unified approach to their policy, charging and revenue solutions in order to be first in their locations to start winning LTE customers.


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