Elizabeth Warren says Apple, Amazon and Google are Acting like Monopolies

The Senator from Mass is now a Champion of Small Business

If you thought Elizabeth Warren was the most anti-business Senator you have ever seen, you are likely right. Her “You didn’t build that” rant which berated entrepreneurs for thinking they actually deserve to benefit from their success really cemented her image.

Lo and behold, she has evolved into going after Apple, Amazon and Google for blocking competition from other companies.

Let’s look at just some of the industries the companies above are in these days – and typically dominating:

  • Broadband: Google is doing a solid job competing with carriers
  • Autonomous cars: Google is strong here and Apple is coming
  • Green energy: Google has made investments but so far is not a market leader
  • Search: Owned by Google
  • Social: Google+ is doing OK – certainly helping to block new entrants but Facebook owns the space
  • Mobile devices: Apple and Google own the market and soon Google will build it own device
  • Laptops: Macbooks and Chromebooks are doing very well and gaining share on Windows
  • Office applications: Google is strong here. Amazon has a mail app which gained little traction.
  • Cloud: Google and Amazon are very strong with Microsoft also competing. H-P was forced to drop out of this space as a result.
  • Chatbots: Alexa, Siri, etc. Amazon has 1,000 people working in this space
  • Tablets: Android and iOS
  • Headphones: Beats
  • Speakers: Beats
  • Radio: All three have a play in this space
  • Consumer electronics: Kindles, iPads and Android, oh my
  • Real-time communications: Apple Facetime, Google Hangouts, Amazon Mayday button
  • App ecosystems: Who else has one of any size beyond Apple and Google and Amazon to some degree?
  • Books: Apple and Amazon. Google scanned whichever ones they can and made them avaialble for free
  • Ecommerce: Amazon owns the space – Google trying to catch up
  • Same-day delivery: Amazon and Google could own the space in the future – will Uber be a strong competitor?
  • IoT/Home automation: Nest, Echo, Apple TV, Chromecast
  • Video content: Everyone offers it
  • Audio content: All are strong players
  • Payment services/e-wallets: Apple, Google and Amazon are inthe space
  • Advertising: Google owns this via DoubleClick
  • Web analytics: Google owns this space
  • Wearable tech: Apple and Android are very strong – involved in so much of the devices in the space
  • AI/Smart machines: Google and Amazon are very very strong – Apple will catch up
  • Development tools: Apple and Google have programming languages

She makes a great point – how can you compete with these companies if you aren’t yourself a behemoth? Consider, IBM is even having problems dealing the cloud threat from Amazon. Apple took out Microsoft in Mobile. Amazon is beating Wal-Mart online (although Warren isn’t happy with this company either).

The Senator wants lawmakers to enforce current laws to keep playing fields as open as possible. When it comes to business, the Senator never seems to be happy with any of them. For now anyway, she seems to be the champion of the emerging tech company based on her latest statements.

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