E-Mail and News Junkies

One thing I do not miss about travel is the e-mail avalanche which ensues the moment you turn on a computer to get back to work. It is quite amazing. I think e-mail is what makes us more productive and also does not let us relax.
In addition the thirst for knowledge many of us have, coupled with access to information in various ways such as RSS, news alerts, etc. has enabled those who can’t get enough information to at least try.
I would imagine those people who are really pushing the envelope in terms of being e-mail and news junkies will get farther ahead in life than others. Of course this doesn’t equate to work ethic or interpersonal skills but my experience is the truly successful people really have trouble turning off e-mail and news absorption. I would love your opinions.

  • Rick Garcia
    June 21, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    I agree –
    I have worked for a couple of CEO’s who expected nearly instant communication and I certainly believe they are some of the more successful people I know.
    Not only are they leaders, but they are fathers, investors, students and they seem to have a grip on life in general. They are always in constant communication, always learning, always driving harder, learning more, trying new things etc. The common thread – they are email, and information junkies.
    I also believe that our industry is a faster changing segment than most. As a result of our business(s) supporting real-time communications there is a greater need for us to be as responsive and as critical of our responsiveness.
    So yes, the more in contact and informed you are the better off I think you are or will be at some point, especially in our industry.

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