Email Volume as Bankruptcy Indicator

I have been noticing that in the past few years a number of companies have gone out with a bang meaning just before they close their doors they bombard their lists with email.
Normally increasing electronic mail frequency is a smart and low-cost way to ensure you ramp up your marketing messaging.
So what’s the problem? Spam lists… As a company ramps up it’s unsolicited email volume the recipients add the sender to their spam list. At a certain point you end up on global spam lists and it is then game over for your company.
If you keep a watchful eye on your inbox and spam filter you may just be able to spot the next company in Chapter 11.

  • Antony Brydon
    June 16, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Very interesting. I’m keenly interested in events like these that predict corporate events – layoffs, mergers, missed product ships. Can you offer any specific examples or details?

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