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Emerson Network Power picked up the Motorola Embedded Computing Group last September and since that time, the company has made great progress in rolling out new products. I recently had a chance to sit down with Brian Carr Strategic Marketing Manager Embedded Computing to learn more about the company’s products.

Carr explained that Emerson got interested in the embedded computing market when they purchased Artesyn. Emerson is a very large company — $22 billion dollars and the Network Power division is $5 billion dollars making it quite a substantial player in the market.

With such size, the company is able to produce solutions which span from the grid to the chip. This concept is exemplified in a containerized solution the company calls a central office in a box.

The company also has a new ATCA blade dubbed the ATCA-9305 (pictured) sporting dual Cadvium Networks OCTEON multi-core processors. This new processor is perfect for 4G/LTE, WiMAX and IPTV according to Carr.

Carr was also happy to explain that EMC recently qualified his company’s ATCA-7150 x86 server-blade has completed the rigorous EMC E-Lab interoperability test. The blade is featured in Emerson Network Power’s Centellis 4100, the first AdvancedTCAsystem to become a qualified configuration for use with the EMC CLARiiON CX3 and AX4 series of networked storage systems and software. As a result of this qualification, Emerson Network Power will be listed in the July update of EMC’s support matrix.

The company also announced the SpiderWareM3 Intelligent Platform Management Tool designed for remote management, monitoring and maintenance of multiple IPMI-compatible platforms such as the Centellis 500 and Centellis 1000 MicroTCA. If you are considering or already have purchased the Centellis 2000 ATCA system you can expect this platform management tool to support this solution soon.

The software helps customers run platforms with reduced operating expenses, minimized


downtime, and further ensures the best use of manpower in telecom, medical and military applications. Available this summer – some features of the platform include sensor threshold setting, CPU, Memory usage and temperature monitoring and more.

The bewildering amount of solutions emerging from the company confirm my feelings that this division would do better as part of a new company than part of Motorola which is dealing with seemingly endless financial and management problems.

Carr also explained that the ATCA market is beginning to pick up speed once again and MicroTCA seems to have found its sweet spot in military applications.

Certainly these announcements – and especially the EMC certification should prove beneficial for Emerson Network Power customers and should further help them differentiate themselves in the market.

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