Faulty Microsoft Patches

The more and more frequently Microsoft sends patches and security updates the more difficult it becomes to be productive. I have multiple computers at work and at home and help manage many computers for friends and family members. Lately I have found myself almost constantly downloading patches and updating Windows. Many people in MIS positions tell me they feel Microsoft sends patches so frequently that there is obviously no regression testing. They are just trying to put out fires as fast as possible. In the process they start new ones.

Indeed we at TMC have seen systems fail due to patches that change the way programs operate. There is no warning when this happens. You just at some point find out your programs aren’t working and bang your head against a wall while trying to fix the problem. This article is just another example of these problems in action.

Microsoft is basically screwed as I see it. There are armies of hackers trying to make a name for themselves by exploiting holes in Microsoft products. The more successful the Redmond based company becomes the more people want to bring them down.

This is similar to the spam in my inbox actually. My e-mail address has been on the open Internet for over a decade now and the more spam I kill the more that comes up. These days I routinely get as much spam in other languages as I do English. Well at least the spammers aren’t discriminating.

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