FlipIt! USB Charging Innovation Continues


I thought I had seen it all but today I came across the FlipIt USB Stealth Charger which utilizes power outlets already in use. Specifically it has a thin contact pad which rotates 270 degrees allowing the user to plug it into an outlet which has another plug in it at the same time.

It provides 1,000 mA or 1A of power at 5V which is double the amperage and power of a USB port and as a bonus can work with 100-240Vflipit-in-use.jpg power outlets making it a great addition to your travel kit. I have a high-speed Targus iPad charger which puts out 2.1A or more than twice the output of the FlipIT! but I would surmise this “power leeching” device will charge an iPad to full charge overnight if needed. Especially if you turn the tablet off while being charged.

Priced at $13.99, it’s not a steal but it is certainly not a bank breaker. I think it is a good value.

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