GlobeCast Interview With Matthew Rosenstein

GlobeCast is a division of France Telecom and is a broadbast service provider handling content management and delivery for broadcasters and other companies. According to Mathew Rosenstein, the company has an extensive satellite and fiber network and they are expanding their fiber footprint quickly into Latin America to handle the burgeoning sporting events market in the area. Speaking of sports, they are also upgrading their network to ensure the best HD possible.

The company looks at content management as a burgeoning area and recently made an acquisition of NETIA which means they can now help broadcasters organize their libraries as well as distribute their content.

One final bit of worthy information is their work with Inmarsat to allow it to interwork with their Content Exchange network allowing content from the field to be sent back to stations. Check out the video for more about how the company looks to add value to media asset management solutions and HD optimization.

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