Gogobeans Enables Mobile Cloud Sharing

Behold, the semi-social mobile cloud is born


One novel way to store and share information is Gogobeans, a company which allows you to store information in a digital locker in the cloud and share it easily by sharing or “bouncing” a bean to someone else. Last December I covered the company – saying they want to manage your digital life. Today, they have announced a mobile app which allows you to bounce beans from mobile devices – specifically iOS and Android gadgets with support for RIM and Microsoft coming later this year.

Similar to Bump, you and the people you want to share with all open the app at the same time on your phones. You then simultaneously shake your devices to allow them to enter a search mode where they locate other nearby devices. At this point you initiate a bounce where you can send information to the other nearby people.

The software uses geolocation to determine proximity and the devices don’t have to touch. Moreover, you don’t need to be friends or have a prior relationship with people you want to share with.

The interesting aspect here is that you are sharing information in the cloud meaning you don’t necessarily need to have the file on your device and wait for it to physically transfer to the other devices. It all happens in the virtual storage locker.

An interesting twist is you can also share apps – meaning the system deals with sending the appropriate information from one device to another. So when you want your friend to download the latest Angry Birds release, the system sends a link to iTunes which will enable the appropriate download from Apple.

This app which is to be released soon can be quite useful in customer meetings, when sharing with friends and in a company where you want to quickly distribute large files to people in the same room. I really like the way it ties together some of the most important growth areas in tech – mobility, social and the cloud.

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