Google Holiday Promo For Your New Gadgets

Google is holding back nothing in its desire to promote all its top products and services this holiday season. Sure they have massive amount of advertising space they can utilize on their search and AdSense ad network but they also own the real estate on he Google home page. And although they like to keep things simple, this holiday season there is a new marketing message which graces the search page.


And that message is:

New gadget? Get your new phone, tablet, computer, or spaceship outfitted with Google

And by injecting humor they make it less offensive to purists who don’t like overt marketing messages.

What sorts of things are they promoting?


In order they are Chrome, Search/Make Google Your Home Page, Android Market and Google+.

With so many services to promote it is always interesting to see what Google pushes to determine their own internal importance levels. For example, what about Apps, Gmail and Reader? I would bet they made the short list.

And the question worth asking in 2012 is how do you compete against a monster like Google that owns so many eyeballs worldwide and gets massive exposure for whatever they decide to promote in an instant.

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