Google’s FriendRank

Google started in the search business by assigning PageRank to pages — a term which signified the importance of a page to the search engine. As social networking becomes more important, the search company has now turned is eyes to a sort of FriendRank — the concept of determining how influential a person is in terms of their social network online.

Once the rank is determined, the technology which Google is looking to patent allows the center of the social networking circle to receive financial incentives in exchange for the rights to show ads to the person’s social networking friends. Think of this as Adsense for social networks and it shows how the internet is becoming increasingly democratized.

You see, it is possible for a single person to have tens of thousands of social networking friends and Google and other advertising networks will pay large sums of money to get in front of these friends. This evolution of internet advertising shows how it evolves continually and rapidly.

If you aren’t paying attention, it can easily pass you by.

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