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It’s the weekend and as I get ready to head to Interop, I stumbled across a really useful service called ManageTwitter which allows you to – as the name says, manage your Twitter account. In a flash it allows you to stop following users who aren’t following you or those who tweet too much or too little. You can also choose to unfollow people who haven’t uploaded a photo. It gives you granular control – you can choose to unselect any specific users before confirming an unfollow.

I just learned the service has received a notice from Twitter telling them that their ability to allow bulk unfollows is against the company’s guidelines. It seems the company got agitated after seeing over 6 million unfollows facilitated by ManageTwitter. I for one this the service is very useful as it allows you have more control over your Twitter experience and eliminate hearing from people who you may believe are less worth listening to based on a variety of filters.

The company obviously wants you to tell Twitter they are valuable and if you feel this is a worthy cause like I do then retweet this entry or leave a comment here.

The hashtag is as follows: #savemanagetwitter

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