Social Media Helps Americans Come Together Peacefully

The American people – citizens of all nationalities have come together to send a message to Republicans and Democrats. The message? Stop the spending. Clinton spent responsibly, Bush didn’t and Obama took the runaway spending of the Bush years and put a turbocharger on it. The American people are fed up – they want real change. Sadly they voted for change and what they got is a harder press on the accelerator towards national bankruptcy.

If you think I am exaggerating – see what is happening in Greece when they try to cut back on runaway government spending to save themselves from bankruptcy. There are daily riots and strikes in the streets. As you might imagine, this is exactly the sort of thing which can plunge an economy even faster into the depths of financial ruin.


The two videos below of peaceful Americans eloquently explaining their concerns about the current administration make me proud to be an American – we live in a country where the people can come out and peacefully make their point – say their piece and be heard.



Sadly, many media outlets have done their absolute best to smear the Americans who rightly believe the country is being driven into the ground by our current administration.

It is generally recognized that The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek and MSNBC have contributors who are particularly biased against American citizens engaging in any sort of demonstration which pushes for limited government – calling the people partaking in such actions racist without backing the accusations up with facts. Their crime – organizing against a government they believe is ruining the country by transforming it into something new. Something they don’t want.

After seeing years of runaway spending without regard for the consequences, I now identify myself with the Tea Party movement more than any other political party and I find myself wondering – am I a racist because I think the President is recklessly spending trillions of dollars which we borrow from countries like China who we aren’t even allies with? Last I checked, President Obama is half white – so if I disagree I am racist and if an African American disagrees with him then this person is racist too?

All forms of disagreement are now apparently racism. The situation is beyond ludicrous. We as a country have come together to elect a person of African American descent to the presidency. I am proud of this fact and to me this shows that any person, regardless of race, color, sex, etc can become anything they want in this great nation. And being in the tech space I have witnessed how the poorest of the poor have migrated to the US and quite often strike it rich. This country has no barriers. Anyone can make it. This is why trumped up racism charges by the media are obviously insulting to most Americans.

Do the reporters who work for these outlets really understand how history will see them? Do they care how disgusted the American people are by the mainstream media these days?

Thankfully there is a YouTube and other forms of online communications allowing people to see that they are not alone. That the mainstream media is wrong and they are right. Without social media in fact how many people would be afraid to do what they think is in the best interest of their country because they don’t want to be branded as a racist.

The founders of this great nation gave the press extraordinary freedom and protection with the logical hope that the press would naturally protect the people from the government. Thomas Jefferson even said, “If I had to choose between government without newspapers, and newspapers without government, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the latter.” There is no doubt this man is currently spinning in his grave. (underline added by me)

Please take a look at the above videos if you want to know why I am extra-proud to be an American. For my many international readers – sorry to take some time to discuss an issue which may not be immediately relevant to your lives. But perhaps by watching the videos above you will agree that the people who flew all around the county to protest a government which is out of control and going in the wrong direction is inspiring and it is my sincere hope that the ability to start a dialogue by freely protesting in the streets is something all countries will allow in the future.

I should state that a few years back I was as detached as most Americans were from politics – but I have woken up. My parent’s generation left this country in better shape for me and I will do my part to ensure that the generation which comes next has better opportunities than I do today. And I am 100% sure that accelerating the growth of the federal government is not the way to achieve this. It needs to shrink – and fast.  We need to rely on small businesses – the job-creating engines of the US economy and we need to free them up from excess red tape and taxes so they can more fairly take on the competition from India and China – the countries which continue to take US jobs by the millions.

And this leads me to my final point – I launched the first magazine in the IP communications space Internet Telephony in 1998 and this publication was a champion of technology which allowed people to communicate over the Internet and IP networks. This technology has made it possible for jobs to be relocated to the location with lowest cost. This presents an entirely new threat to the American way of life and how we compete in a global economy. In order to leave the nation better for our children we have to consider how to compete against people who will work for a few dollars per day. I don’t have all the answers but I am confident that raising the cost of doing business in the US when technology makes it easy to relocate workers to the country with the lowest costs is the exact wrong answer.

The Tea Party has it 100% right  and most in the government could not be more wrong.

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