Here at CTIA in Vegas

So here I am in Vegas. I had a 45 minute wait for a cab followed by a 15 minute wait to check in to find out that the hotel I thought I was staying at is not the right hotel but instead I am next door. Check in time is 3:00 but rooms aren’t ready so I am at the restaurant just waiting and waiting.

As I wait I am seated next to a table with 15 women. A bachelorette party perhaps? Who knows… I am too busy keeping up with all the e-mail I got while flying here.

Yup, Vegas is still Vegas and it seems that anyone and everyone who has tech show has chosen Vegas as a home.

First Channel Partners then CTIA, Interop and NXTComm. Can they all do well? Who knows? I for one am just happy my flight was not delayed and I got to write every article I was hoping to write on the plane.

In addition I had a chance to get through about 800 e-mails — most of which were not high priority enough to keep.

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