Hiring Millennials? Fortune Favors the Prepared

Six years ago I covered Cisco’s Quad, enterprise social network strategy that was a great idea but likely didn’t succeed because it was sold top-down the way Cisco is accustomed to selling things. It turns out social, needs to be bottom up to succeed. In fact just so many things these days seem to be this way. In many ways, Apple is to blame for this trend over the past decade but the web browser also became a bottom up install as workers forced companies into supporting web access. Getting back to my point, in my Quad interview, Cisco thought they had the ideal solution to capturing corporate knowledge lost to baby-boomer retirement.

Replacing them is millennials. And of course who uses social like kids, right? So once again, Quad should have been killer app – social for the workplace coupled with knowledge retention for the company. Perhaps Cisco Spark will be the game changer the company hopes to have.

Speaking of millennials, they are coming. Get ready. Right after the final Bernie rally, they will likely be applying for jobs at your company. The good news is, this give us some time to clear out all the corner offices in order to make room for them.John Vitale.jpg

Yes, they will demand a different workplace culture than what you likely have now so you better get up to speed on what you need to do to ensure they are productive. One thing is for sure, this generation will be the best at multitasking you have ever seen. I remember when Phil Edholm the tech brains behind Nortel and Avaya told me in a presentation that multitasking seems to be rewiring the brain to become better at well, multitasking. In theory these kids will do more with less and make us all proud.

In a meeting with John Vitale, SVP of Product Management at Yorktel we discussed his vision for the next gen workplace. Everything from how to focus your HR efforts to get more millennials to work for you as well as how to adjust your real estate expenses for a workforce which comes to work a few days a week. The bottom line is how to give the organization the flexible tools they need to appeal to this generation and get the job done more efficiently.

Vishal Brown with Yorktel tells TMC’s Erik Linask at ITEXPO in Florida about why Yorktel is growing quickly and what they look forward to in 2016

Yorktel provides professional services in the area, designing your next-gen workspace, conference areas, collaboration technology, break/fix maintenance and interoperability between collaboration platforms. In addition, their collaboration solution, Univago, allows companies to more efficiently communicate utilizing less bandwidth.

Univago also offers a choice of either using the public internet or a private, secure connection to Yorktel’s global data centers. A third option is to deploy Univago within the enterprise network to fully maximize the performance and experience of the service.

The company is also looking to boost healthcare through a new mobile telehealth solution that solves current industry problems with portability, interoperability and security.

Bottom line, the millennials can help you… If you are ready for them.

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