How Social Networking is Transforming Politics

Social networking does well when it plays on people’s passions. If you agree, then you will further agree that politics is one of those areas that makes people extremely passionate.

Having said that, I should further point out the similarities between a political campaign and a corporate marketing campaign.

Just as your company has to constantly strive to keep up with new communications mediums such as Wikipedia, text messaging and a slew of others, political candidates must do the same.

This is all well and good but it seems that only Barack Obama is utilizing all the tools of integrated marketing in his campaign. In addition it seems the Obama campaign’s ability to mobilize micro-support or the support of small clusters of people in different parts of the country will enable him to achieve feats his rivals cannot.

In this case, rival number one is John McCain. To get a better idea of what Obama is doing, read this article. I can’t help but wonder why Democrats seem to be so far ahead of Republicans when it comes to technology.

If John McCain wants to win this election, he really needs to be sure to utilize all aspects of integrated marketing such as text messaging while simultaneously engaging in social media via numerous networks. Finally, he needs to ensure there is a two-way conversation between supporters and his campaign.

If this turns out to be a close election, virtually all votes will count.

So too in the competition between businesses, every purchase counts. Be sure to utilize all aspects of integrated marketing to ensure your corporate success.

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