We Reprogrammed Our Site for the iPhone

You remember a while back I discussed how the real apple tax is the lack of Flash support from Apple? I further explained how virtually all websites with video have to create duplicate video formats for their content – Flash for most devices and H.264 for iPhones. It gets more complicated for a site like TMCnet which has a Flash-based media player which scrolls through article graphics when you visit the site. These graphics didn’t show up at all on the iPhone and if we wanted anyone to see them on the world’s fastest-growing smartphone platform we would be forced to reprogram the site.

Check out the red arrow for what I mean


Well we reprogrammed the site using jQuery/JavaScript and this allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to now see the feature graphics of the latest articles as TMC editors and designers intended. If you have any problems seeing the player on any devices/browsers please email our webmaster.

There is a wrinkle – my web team is also building some device-dependent mobile sites and at the moment, these mobile Safari browsers get redirected to a mobile site which is in the process of being  be improved.

To bypass being redirected to our mobile site just go to this URL – www.tmcnet.com/a.htm. The highlighted part is all you really need to remember. If you want the iPhone specific site without graphics and with rapid performance be sure to go to i.tmcnet.com and if you want our site dedicated to iPhone news not the device, go to iphone.tmcnet.com.

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