IMS in a Box

In the IMS space perhaps one of the most controversial concepts I hear is IMS in a box. You see, some vendors tell me the whole concept of IMS in a box is counter to the concept of why the IP multimedia subsystem framework was developed.
My two cents? I like the concept from a marketing perspective and in the real world we all know IMS scales so the term “box” shouldn’t be a deterrent. So I was happy to hear that HP has teamed with Tekelec and BEA Systems to provide such an “IMS in a Box” system which combines applications and third-party software vendors with HP’s OpenCall Home Subscriber Server, BEA Systems’ WebLogic Session Initiation Protocol Server and Tekelec’s TekCore Session Manager.
As you may have guessed by now these components interoperate seamlessly to create a complete IMS solution and this is why I like it. In other words an actual working multi-vendor solution is always better than a single-vendor locked-in approach. And it is always better than a disparate bunch of products which may or may not work together.
For more information, check what TMCnet’s Mae Kowalke has to say on the matter and be sure to frequent TMCnet’s IMS Channel and IMS Magazine.

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