Inside Dark Web Conference: Why TMC Teamed with Alan Meckler


Alan Meckler is one of the brightest visionaries in the tech world having launched the first show covering the Internet in the 1990s – Internet World, part of Mecklermedia. He was underestimated and denigrated by virtually all the traditional tech publishers and trade show producers at the time, yet his event grew faster than any show I have ever seen.

I attended many of these conferences in New York and Los Angeles and saw with my own eyes how professionally run and vibrant these fast-growing shows were. Each one seemed to be better than the previous iteration.

Any successful launch depends on good timing but also vision. Alan Made the decision to launch a show and suite of publications when an Internet market didn’t exist. In fact, his first publication in the space couldn’t use the word internet, because it was unknown at the time! He persevered – even when the leading tech publishers told him he was a failure.

All the hard work and risk paid off when he had one of the most successful exits in the tech media business. He also launched one of the first media dotcoms,

When Alan proposed the idea of launching a conference, Inside Dark Web, I thought he had yet another winner on his hands and my company, TMC is happy to work with him to coproduce this conference.

In talking with Alan, the dark web has many of the same attributes the Internet did in its early days… It was mysterious and something many people needed to learn about. The majority of the population hadn’t even heard of it yet. Like the Internet, the dark web – or anonymous internet, holds tremendous opportunity for new businesses to start and take hold. Already, security firms are charging large amounts of money to scour it for stolen corporate and government information.

It is true that today, the anonymous Internet functions as a hub for illegal activity. If your company has a security breach, a hacker-for-hire may have been found and paid through the dark web. If your data leaks and eventually gets sold to the highest bidder, it is likely the dark web will help transport this information between parties. If attacks are launched on your company, they can originate from the dark web.

If you are involved in IT, cybersecurity, law enforcement, homeland security or are looking to find new business ideas, Inside the Dark Web is the first and only conference you need to attend.

Inside Dark Web is like “blind spot assist” for the security industry.

If you believe you are an expert or know experts who would make a great presenter at this show, please share this post with them and have them apply to speak.

In summary, the entire TMC team (where I am CEO) is thrilled to be partnering with Alan. This new event holds tremendous excitement for us and we hope It continues the excitement we’ve seen in Internet World and other successful tech events of the past.

Our goal is the same as most every successful conference organization. We want to help educate and foster community through networking while bringing buyers and sellers together. We hope to see you May 12th in New York City.

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