Inter-Tel Power Struggle

There is a power struggle at Inter-Tel. I find this surprising as from where I stand the company is running better than ever. I haven’t been digging into the financials mind you but they are rolling out new products that are doing well and are doing a great PR job.

Still, it is possible that Inter-Tel will go private as a result of this struggle. It is also possible that it will be acquired. In my opinion going private will be good for the company as it will allow Inter-Tel the flexibility to focus on long-term growth and not short-term earnings. In addition the Sarbanes Oxley tax is quite a burden on companies and anything that can reduce a company’s distraction-level is likely good for their customers and the bottom line.

  • PSU Technology Group
    September 3, 2007 at 4:21 am

    My how the sands of time change the way that everything appears. Here we are in August of 2007 looking at Inter-Tel as part of the Mitel Group. The question now is how Mitel will treat the jewel they have just acquired.

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