iPhone 4 Quite Polarizing

While many bloggers have been on a rampage about the new Apple death grip required to hold the new iphone 4 in a manner which does not cause signal degradation, I thought it may make sense to briefly focus on a few positives.

The first is the polarized screen which looks quite sharp to my Maui Jim wrapped eyes. A few other early likes are the digital zoom and the flash which is quite powerful.

I should mention that in normal usage with the phone I haven’t had any problems. Then again, I use the phone more as a data device and typically use a bluetooth headset when speaking… The phone stays in its case.

I am not blown away by the iPhone 4 but perhaps that is because the previous 3Gs was so good and set a high bar. I may do a more complete review at a later date but for now I am telling people who ask that it is a better phone than the 3Gs but not earth-shattering.

My opinions may evolve as I use it more but for now it may be constructive to read thoughts from Martin Peers who writes for the Wall Street Journal and says:

If the iPhone 4 has become “the most successful product launch in Apple‘s history,” as the company says, one wouldn’t want to imagine the worst.

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