iPhone-Compatible Gloves

You might have noticed I write about the iPhone a good deal. I just wonder if as often as I cover it if I am writing about it enough. You see the pocket-sized gadget has over 15,000 apps which run on it and even its drawbacks seem to spawn new industries. For example you can’t use typical gloves on your iPhone so if you get a call in the winter and you don’t have an exposed finger you have to use your nose to unlock the phone.

But letting your nostrils do the dialing was so yesterday when there is an assortment of new-aged, iPhone friendly gloves for you to choose from. Is this getting ridiculous or what? But wait, I remember one of my recent trips to New York on the train; I was stuck in an unheated space between cars with numerous holes in the floor. It must have been 20 below with the wind chill and I had one hand on the iPhone fighting frostbite while the other hand had a glove. I bet I would actually use these things…

Maybe I should get some to review.

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