iPhone to Get 4 Inch Display?

Two weeks ago I discussed my smartphone envy after using the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone which sports a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 4G and a bright Super AMOLED Plus Display. I suggested that Apple needs a 4.5 inch display as well – and interestingly the latest iPhone rumor says the next iPhone will have a 4 inch display. Sure, this is a nice step up from 3.5 inches but I prefer the larger screen in part because it is easier to type on.

One hypothesis I have about why the Android tablet market hasn’t taken off (Amazon Kindle Fire aside) is that the latest crop of Android smartphones are similar enough to tablets to keep users from needing both devices. If you use the Kindle Fire as an example, it has a 7 inch screen – just 2.5 inches larger than the aforementioned Samsung – not such a huge difference.

In fact Apple is probably afraid if it makes the iPhone too large – it will not only make it less portable but eat into iPad 2 sales.

One other point I need to clarify is the iPhone 4S does indeed render web pages a bit faster than the Samsung Galaxy S II based on my testing but then again, every page I tested had Flash and iOS doesn’t have to deal with it while the Samsung does. Apple deserves a tremendous amount of credit for its A5 microprocessor design – the 4S clock speed is a mere 800 MHz and still it puts up impressive performance numbers.

On a related note, I do take issue with the company’s claim of “outstanding battery life.”


Disclosure: I am an Apple shareholder

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