iPhones to Fail in Europe?

I have heard a number of analysts explain how the iPhone will face a tough sell in Europe and whenever I hear this news I wonder what substance the analysts may be ingesting to come up with such ludicrous ideas. If you haven’t encountered an iPhone yet, you will be blown away by it when you are.
At ITEXPO last week, IMS Forum President Michael Khalilian had his iPhone on a round table and everyone at the table wanted to see it and use it. This was at a communications show – I’ll grant you that. But I have seen this behavior duplicated at airports and train stations as well.
I have said before the lack of a real keyboard is a deal breaker for me personally. But for the vast majority of users the device is more than good enough and allows real web browsing in the palm of your hand. I was one of the people to bug Mike to borrow his device and I found that with enough practice, the typing interface really isn’t that bad.
Nick Wingfield at and Daniel Thomas and Dionne Searcey at the Wall Street Journal mention the iPhone will be a tough sell in Europe because of the slow network and the fact that providers in Europe already have competitive plans with unlimited music downloads included in a single low price.
In addition they say the lack of 3G support is a major downside to the recently released Apple mobile device phenomenon. While these are concerns worth noting, the phones will evolve to support 3G and iTunes is an absolute breakthrough success.
I am not even an active iTunes user but somehow Apple has gotten this software not only to install on my computer but upgrade what seems like every week.
I think the points the WSJ makes are valid but will be a hiccup at most to the world domination Apple is successfully embarking upon. Not only is Apple a consumer electronics juggernaut, their PC business is getting a boost as a result of massive consumer complaints regarding Microsoft Vista. Basically this means from every angle – music to computers and phones Apple has a breakaway product. Regardless of which Apple product you try first, you will likely be happy and want more and more.

Disclosure: The author owns shares in Apple.


  • Bill Martin
    September 23, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    Hmmm…. Very Interesting… Good Article.

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