It Hurts to Think it But Wikileaks is Media

Yesterday on TMCnet’s Patriot Talk blog, Erin Monda referred to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as an American Patriot. While I wouldn’t go that far, there is truth to the fact that WikiLeaks is a media organization as asserted by Matthew Ingram at GigaOm.

While most politicians like Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman are beside themselves regarding the existence of Wikileaks, an interesting twist is that Republican Congressman Ron Paul recently defended the organization and went so far as to hope that the website would turn its attention to the Federal Reserve next.

It is worth pointing out however that Wikileaks is not a US-based media organization and is subsequently not bound by our laws which protect the press. Then again, in an age of electrons, any media company could easily make an argument they are US-based – allowing them to publish a stream of damaging content while shielding themselves behind the very laws of the country they are damaging.

But if you believe the statement that sunlight is the best disinfectant, then perhaps we need more organizations like Wikileaks, not less.

And yet writing this last statement caused my insides to stir for a while.

My position on the matter is obviously not 100% clear to me but I remain scared, very scared of the government starting to pass any laws which can eventually be expanded by future administrations to limit the free flow of information online and especially the freedom of the press to pursue the truth and report accurately on the stories of the day.

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