Jumping On BPL

If broadband over power line technology takes off, the world will be a much better place., Sure the technology works in trials but there have got to be a hundred variables making this a difficult concept to pull off on a large scale. I remember back in he late nineties I wrote articles about VoIP over cable and cable engineers used to send us letters to the editor telling us it would never happen.

Obviously these engineers were wrong. Similarly many people tell me BPL has many hurdles to overcome. They are probably right but if there is money in it, perhaps it makes sense for electric companies to look for new revenue opportunities such as voice over BPL.

I just read that Manassas, VA will be one of the first cities to roll out this exciting new technology and I wonder how well it will work. If the initiative is successful it will no doubt lead to more broadband choices than ever.

This also means that electric companies need to explore becoming wireless carriers, supplying IPTV, streaming audio and more. Wow. Just what the ILECs need, right? More competition. Perhaps power companies will fill the void left by CLECS as they leave the market.

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