LodgeNet iPhone App a Germaphobe Dream


For those people horrified by the concept of using the hotel room remote due to germs – you know who you are, I have great news. LodgeNet has a new App I discovered recently on a New Year’s trip to Boston which can reduce anxiety related to uncleanliness and moreover make your TV viewing experience better.

It works simply. You download the app onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, etc. and then using the remote in the room just once you navigate to the menu and scroll up to the mobile selection and press select. From there you get a code which you enter into the software and then the TV confirms the smartphone is now controlling it

At that point you can scroll up and down to all the channels with simple swipes. Want a channel? Just press it. Want it louder – just slide the volume control one way or another. Want a movie? Just select it. Want the TV on or off? No problem.

The only challenge is the remote in the room still seems to have some control over the volume in my testing meaning the volume could only get so loud via the app – you have to us the hotel remote to make the TV really loud then use the iPhone app to lower it. Followed by a thorough hand sanitizing of course.

Another potential extension of this app could be streaming the audio through the device so if a person is sleeping in the room you could still watch TV and listen via iPhone headphones.

And you thought smartphone apps were only useful for using birds to kill pigs – here’s an app that the people using their hotel remote controls through a plastic bag are sure to love.

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