MATRIX Software: Charging and Policy Solutions for 4G and Shared Plans

As carriers move to shared data plans and LTE becomes prevalent, the old way of charging and policy need an upgrade. Enter MATRIXX Software with their real-time charging, policy and analytics solutions which enable today’s carriers to keep up with the latest in technology.

Shared plans were championed by Verizon and others and the success of such solutions in increasing ARPU (although it should be pointed out the old ARPU model dissolves when a User has multiple devices) means we can expect many carriers to adopt similar models the world-over.

The MATRIX Charging Engine has been designed from the ground up to give carriers flexibility in how they charge and deliver new bundles to their customers whether they be consumers, SMB or the enterprise.

Jennifer Kyriakakis VP of Marketing and company co-founder spoke with me at length about the company and its goal to become a big player in the market. Customers include Swisscom and as more carriers move to 4G LTE and shared plans, we can expect MATRIXX Software to be busy courting new carriers.

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