Meeting Ron Insana

I am really looking forward to meeting Ron Insana today. I have been an avid CNBC fan for years – perhaps a decade or so. I can’t wait to hear what Insana has to say. I have noticed that many of the big-name keynoters at ITEXPO are really loose on stage and seem much less scripted than on TV. This is always great as you don’t want scripted keynotes. I expect Ron and Insana and Tom Ridge tomorrow to do amazing jobs. So far I have learned a great deal from the few keynotes that have taken place. I am looking forward to learning more this week at the show.

There have been a slew of announcements this week from the Avaya/AT&T announcement to the XConnect VoIP peering news. The exhibit hall opens tonight so there should be even more excitement. I can’t wait. So far the attendance at the show has far exceeded everyone’s expectations. I hope you get a chance to come down to Ft. Lauderdale this week and see VoIP 2.0 in action.

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