Metaswitch Brings SBCs to the Cloud

Metaswitch is relatively new to the SBC game but they already have been thinking of ways of taking session border controllers and making them more flexible and scalable. To that end the company has put its Perimeta SBC in the cloud allowing it to run on COTS servers with a variety of hypervisors.

According to Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing at Metaswitch, “The arguments for separating signaling and media functions in a session border controller are now well understood.  The commercial benefits of running session border control on COTS platforms are also clear.  So moving the signaling control function into the cloud, and leveraging the economies of generic server platforms and inherent system redundancy is a logical progression.  By detaching SBC licenses from physically deployed platforms, operators can be sure that there are “no SBC licenses left behind” when integrated appliances max out before purchased license limits are reached”

The company will be demonstrating their new SBC functionality running on the Amazon EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud at MWC next week in Barcelona. I hope to see it running there.

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