Michael Arrington Takes Leave

TechCrunch has become one of the most influential tech sites on the web getting many scoops and doing a great job analyzing the tech space. But what some call an influential style has led to a string of death threats and founder Michael Arrington being spat on in public.

For now he plans to take time off… Aaway from the hustle and bustle of blogging which generally involves forsaking sleep so you can get scoops.

Michael, enjoy the time off and I agree that it makes no sense to have to pay $2k a day for security and receive death threats because people may not agree with what you write. It is a sick and scary world we live in.

Read Zippy’s take

  • Tim
    February 25, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    finally someone is giving michael arrington a taste of is own medicine.

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