Michael Robertson’s New Dar.fm

Michael Robertson is one of the most interesting people in the tech world having burst onto the scene during the dotcom days with the launch of MP3.com which allowed users to store their CD collection in the cloud. Now a commonplace concept, at the time the record labels weren’t sure what to do about the company so they defaulted to what they do well, suing the startup into oblivion. Of course it didn’t help that Napster was popular during the same time and brought major attention to how new technologies were robbing record labels and artists.

Talk about being a visionary.

He had a string of other startups as well such as SIPphone which was later purchased by Google and another music related company MP3Tunes which filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I had a chance to meet him a few times as he was producing SIPphone – another vey novel business which showed how creative he could be.

More recently he has launched a novel service called Dar.fm which allows you to record radio for later listening. Recently he put the word out that his company will be very transparent with the release of the relevant statistics regarding the shows his company tracks.

He also released some analysis worth pondering. Half the top hosts are liberal/progressive as opposed to the “conventional wisdom” espoused by many. For example, Robert Kennedy said this week that the right-wing controls 95% of talk radio in our country.

But getting back to tech – Robertson has done it again. He has started a new business which makes you think, “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?” and then after a few more moments you say to yourself, “Probably because I don’t feel like dealing with lawyers for the next few years.” smiley-tongue-out

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