Mio is The Much-Needed Enterprise Messaging Interop Tool

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Based in Austin Texas, Mio is working on making teams, Webex Teams, Slack and Microsoft Teams interoperable explained Tom Hadfield, CEO, in an in-person interview.

Tom said, “Typically, a midsize enterprise has all three. Perhaps they can’t’ afford to use Slack for everyone. He continued, “Mio allows real-time communications between them.”


The company has raised $12 million and is the early stage of building out their solution.

“The days of one single collaboration vendor are over,” exclaimed Tom. Continuing, he said, “Now with modern APIs, you can fully federate all collaboration systems into one unified system.

He explained their business model is charging $1-$3 per user per month and you can buy the solution from the various app stores.

He said, “Our two main features are DMs between users as well as channels which are like group chats.”

An example he presented was a budget planning channel on MS Teams which can be made available to users on other platforms to participate in.

“We have this belief that real-time messaging is the primary way employees communicate with one another,” he exclaimed. Continuing, he said, “When you realize a colleague is unreachable, it doesn’t make any sense.”

He went on and said, The API-ization of the world means these platforms have mature APIs and someone needs to stitch them together. That’s what we’re doing.”

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