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The mobile market continues to generate massive amounts of news… It almost seems we have crossed over the critical mass border where everyone on earth has one of these devices and now we need to find ways o force them to upgrade or provide them better access to information while on the road.
For example, Information Builders now provides a mobile-ready business intelligence dashboard. With merely a couple of clicks, content can be effortlessly added or eliminated from the Mobile Favorites folder in Information Builders’ standard BI Dashboard. The procedure closely resembles the method for adding content to the favorites folder in a Web browser.
In addition, Broadcom and Electronic Arts have teamed up to provide high-performance gaming on mobile phones. A direct quote from the release is as follows: “The Broadcom BCM2727 processor continues to set the bar for low power, extreme mobile multimedia performance and is receiving significant recognition within the mobile device and gaming communities.”
For those of you who already have a device – like let’s say a smartphone, you can now turn it into an iPhone with a little help from TransMedia. Sure there is some marketing spin here but it is a cool idea so I thought it worth sharing.
Rounding out the mobile news of the day is ShoZu, a company allowing 2-way mobile social networking services. The company has new features to make it possible for consumers to get the latest Flickr photos and YouTube videos posted by their friends on their handsets. The new capabilities offer automatic content feeds and a way for consumers to keep actively in touch with their social life and entertainment even while on the go.
Although the above news transcends the enterprise and heads into the consumer markets, note the goal in all of the above stories seems to be tying together people while on the go. It seems if you have the right applications you can continue to be just as productive on the road as you are in the office.

  • Mark Jambas
    November 8, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for the review!
    Here at ShoZu we are proud to be taking our social media platform to the next level and opening the floodgates to a whole new world of social networking. Now that we have developed the framework, who knows what the limits are 😉
    Stay tuned, we have some more big announcements coming over the next couple of months.
    Jambo (ShoZu)

    July 9, 2009 at 2:30 am

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