Move into Your Bathroom and Change Your Name to Avoid Tech Pitfalls

Apparently there is something called a tech addiction – at least that is what I heard as I was browsing the web from my iPad last night in bed while watching TV. I don’t consider myself a tech addict as I only use technology when I am awake and only have 3 monitors and one TV in my office. Then again, I do have an electronic picture frame in here which is on its last transistors and a Sony Dash which should arrive any moment.

So I was very surprised when I heard a man in Queens, NY moved into his bathroom to cure his tech addiction. Now to me this makes little sense – because most bathrooms have WiFi and solid 3G signals (based on what I hear – I’ve never checked email or surfed myself from in there).

When it comes to real tech addition we should perhaps focus on our youth as they are spending an inordinate amount of time online and often posting things they shouldn’t on Facebook or other social networking sites. This is why Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google suggested kids can change their names to avoid all the baggage which comes with their past online misbehavior.

Recently I voiced my concern for the abdication of personal responsibility in society (see my article on Business Insider) and I continue to think it is important that everyone is taught to be responsible at an early age. After all, we have a society which is instilled with large amounts of responsibility; we are less likely to produce the next CEO of Enron, Lehman Brothers and Bernie Madoff. Teaching people that they are responsible for their actions is a crucial part of them becoming self-sufficient adults.

BTW, this does not in any way imply I am perfect – I am glad there were no camera phones when I was at college parties. Still, tomorrow’s potential employee will be judged amongst their peers and if everyone has a photo on Facebook of them being passed out drunk in a dorm room, it will be tough for an employer to hold it against you.

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For more on these ideas, check out this tech-laden video above from Stephen Colbert who discussed the issue in-depth.

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