Neocortix Cloud Provides Edge-Computing Powered by Cell Phones

Imagine making money with your phone while you are asleep. That is now possible with Neocortix’s PhonePayCheck app. 

Neocortix is a first commercial Cloud-at-the-Edge provider who just launched Neocortix Cloud Services. They are leveraging a shared economy by renting processors on people’s personal cell phones. It has gone viral worldwide since it was first made available over two years ago. Nearly 29,000 users around the world, including India, Australia, Indonesia, North and South America, have more than 42,000 devices running the app; and there is a waiting list to join.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Lloyd Watts came up with this new disruptive technology that benefits anyone who needs cloud services by eliminating the high costs associated with expensive data centers. In this shared economy, Android cell phone owners can make $240 per-phone per-year for use of their phones at night, a substantial income for many people around the world.

The idea has been tried before – QNX was likely the first company which popularized the idea of “borrowing” CPU cycles back in the 1990s. Since then – there have been numerous browser plug-ins and websites which allowed users to share their CPU resources with others.

Cryptomining malware uses the aggregate processing of people’s computers to make money for hackers.

Neocortix Cloud Services, on the other hand, is not illicit – it is known and pays users while allowing others to use it for last-mile load testing, CDN testing, network telemetry, federated learning, and more. Major website owners (retailers, airlines), load test vendors, e-commerce component, and Machine Learning companies now have access to a more cost-efficient and reliable service than traditional data center-based cloud platforms can offer.

“Cloud at the Edge enables exciting new applications for customers,” said Lloyd “By tapping into cell phone processors, we are leveraging a shared economy and bringing cloud computing resources closer to the data generation source, giving major website owners, load test vendors, E-commerce component- and machine learning companies, a more cost-efficient and reliable service than traditional data center-based cloud platforms can offer.”

Corporate CIOs and IT Managers can use Neocortix Cloud Services for large jobs that benefit from global geographic distribution. It features a flagship Scalable Compute service, which runs full Debian Linux in a secure container on Android phones, accessible via a standard SSH interface.

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