Itential Automation Gateway Boosts Network Automation, Transforms Scripts into APIs

Itential’s new “Bring Your Own Automation” solution enables network teams to integrate their existing automation efforts and transform scripts into APIs to drive end-to-end network automation.

Just a few weeks back we broke the news, the intelligent network automation vendor expanded its multi-domain automation capabilities with new integrations across Cisco powered SD-WAN, Cloud and Data Center Networks.

You may be familiar with the company’s Itential Automation Platform that connects disparate systems such as IT Service Management, inventory, analytics and orchestration tools for end-to-end and closed-loop network automation capabilities.”

Over 60% of enterprise organizations still utilize an ad-hoc manual and reactive script-based approach to automation, according to upcoming research from Enterprise Management Associates. As network operations moves toward a more software-defined approach, network engineers need to incorporate their existing infrastructure while keeping pace with the adoption of new technologies, without having to sacrifice their current operational uptime.

“In an effort to migrate from the CLI, the level of innovation in the network domain is being developed at a pace we have not experienced previously and organizations are struggling with how to rationalize their existing investments and start moving beyond scripting to modern network automation” said Chris Wade, CTO Itential. “Itential enables NetOps teams to move toward more modern automation techniques with an API driven approach without having to rip and replace or start from scratch.”

Itential’s Automation Gateway utilizes existing investments in network configuration tools and network change scripts to propel network automation projects by incorporating their current efforts into a holistic approach. By implementing an automation solution that can integrate with customers’ existing ecosystem, network teams can focus on expanding automation efforts across multi-domain networks to enable greater network agility in support of current and future digital business requirements. These new capabilities within Itential’s Automation Platform enables:

  • Out of the box support for all types of scripts from Python, C, Bash, Perl, and Ansible Playbooks; providing an integrated and centralized view of all automation efforts for use within the Itential Automation Platform.
  • Dynamic discovery of scripts, providing a centralized and globally available repository within the Itential Automation Platform for enabling script execution in automation workflows via defined group-based access controls for end-to-end network automation.
  • The ability to ‘decorate’ or enhance scrips to enable and enforce consistent schema definitions and normalize scripts for standardized and repeatable API consumption, further driving network programmability.

Additionally, Itential’s latest release includes advanced event-driven automation capabilities for performing closed-loop activities. Itential’s event-driven automation capabilities can trigger automation task based upon notifications from several event systems such as Kafka or NETCONF, ensuring constant network configuration, assurance and compliance and automatically remediating known issues without the need for manual interaction. Itential’s closed-loop automation capabilities simplify network troubleshooting and eliminates common manual errors, further increasing network agility.

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