New Google Antitrust Probe and the Obama Connection

I asked in January of 2009 if Eric Schmidt was intentionally cozying up to candidate and then president Obama to protect a Google monopoly. The same year I brought the question up again as a response to an article in the Chicago Tribune on the matter.

We may or may not ever find out if my theory on this relationship are accurate what we do know is that today the FTC has served Google with civil subpoenas related to how the search engine directs searchers to its own growing network of sites like YouTube, shopping, local, and numerous others.

There is absolutely no question Google is massively powerful and can destroy companies and industries by directing users to its services. There is no way the company can deny this. The interesting arguments we will likely hear as a result of this case are whether Google is a force of good or bad in the market. Google will obviously argue it is providing new services which help customers while competitors will argue they are locked out of the market because Google is unfairly competing – using its massively powerful search position to direct customers to sites which are owned by the company.

This case could mark a huge change in how Google does business and it is worth watching closely as the ramifications across the tech space could be huge.

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