New PGi GlobalMeet UCaaS Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

It’s an exciting time at PGi as the company is transforming from collaboration to become a broader business communications company. In the last five years, they have grown their webinar and webcasting business with a greater understanding of how to solve customer problems and sell across an enterprise. The company’s entry into the UCaaS market brings new capabilities via GlobalMeet, including expanded smart collaboration capabilities using artificial intelligence and data to help users save time and improve productivity through automation.

GlobalMeet UCaaS capabilities are in beta in the U.S. with general availability slated for the second quarter of 2019 and international expansion planned for later in 2019.

This news was first broken by us in the fall of last year.

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Smart Collaboration
GlobalMeet Collaboration enhancements address the challenges experienced by workers everywhere who spend time trying to orchestrate meetings instead of getting work done. With data and AI, GlobalMeet creates insights and recommendations to save time and empower employees to work smarter and faster.

  • Active Directory Integrations with Office 365 deliver calendar awareness. Meeting hosts quit wasting time by identifying who is in a meeting and managing absent participants more efficiently.
  • To keep teams working on next steps after a meeting ends, recording reminders appear to capture complex content and help hosts send recordings after a meeting takes place.
  • Instead of listening or viewing a full meeting replay, live transcripts and meeting summaries allow viewers to quickly scan the content of a meeting for anything they may have missed.
  • The GlobalMeet widget addresses the epidemic of multi-tasking during meetings and allows access to key features and functionality even if the GlobalMeet screen is minimized while users work on other items during a meeting.

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“When you look at what a user is trying to do, the whole idea of describing things as a webcast, collaboration, etc. – this is incorrect,” said Mark Roberts, CMO PGi in an exclusive in-person interview. “People want to just get together and share information.”

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He explained PGi can provide a solution to the enterprise from receptionist to the CEO. They have a 25 year-old network and they are known for delivering service. They are now building on top of their platform.

He told, us customers say they can now get UCaaS with the service PGI is known for. Moreover, they do this on a massive scale already via an end-to-end solution.

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“Whatever it is – we have a solution,” he exclaimed. Continuing, “Our customers have been asking us for UCaaS. We are already in the enterprise. There are a lot of varying and confusing channels already there. You need to integrate and have a holistic approach.”

The system enables smart collaboration allowing various channels such as Slack and others. It helps prioritize your day based on previous behavior.

“We are a provider and enabler,” he exclaimed. Continuing, “We enable your ability to communicate and how you want to communicate. No one will win it all”

He went on to explain there are three things coming together:

  1. Users Don’t care if they are on a webinar, webcast etc.
  2. The way we buy is changing dramatically as people do what they want
  3. The IT role is changing – helping to enable workflows and procedures – how they take place
    • Instead, they focus on security and enablement

The company is taking a pragmatic approach as they believe a variety of tools will be used by customers and they will become more prolific over time.

He said, “Our goal is about enabling a user to communicate and collaborate with whatever medium makes sense to them. We aim to be where the customer base demands we are.” Continuing, “The enterprise market has fixed ideas on who they want to work with and they want broad integration – Skype, Microsoft Teams and Slack are important long-term integrations for us.”


How GlobalMeet boosts productivity

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Collaboration built-in

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pgi globalmeet collaboration 2.png

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