NextPrinciples Looks to Simplify Social Customer Interactions

Love it or hate it, social media has to be embraced by companies who are interested in communicating with their customers where they spend an increasing amount of their time. Yet scaling social media interactions is truly challenging. A company called NextPrinciples is looking to simplify the complexity of integrating social into your company with its Insight-To-Action Platform.

When I asked Ted Sapountzis Head of Marketing & Product Management with the company what pains they eliminate for customers he told me his company provides them with a unique platform which integrates analytics, listening, monitoring and engagement together. Moreover he explained that customers can learn the system in one hour. He then walked me through how it works and it is certainly a powerful solution with lots of functionality. Let’s just say I’d allocate a bit more than sixty minutes for training to be safe.

The company was founded in 2010 and has eight employees – many who worked at SAP.

Moreover, the platform integrates with Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Microsoft in the CRM space. The goal of the offering is to allow companies to provide their customers a consistent cross-channel experience.

One area of differentiation is the product can tell you how many leads from social networks are actually converting into sales. One wonders in amazement at organizations who spend large amounts of money to generate Facebook likes. Do they have software which shows them that likes turn into sales? Perhaps they are using Insight-To-Action.

An interesting feature on the company’s road map is predictive analytics which can be used to determine a product’s success in the market based on the social love it receives. This seems like a fantastic way to test-market new product launches without actually even having to manufacture a product or develop a service.

Such testing is done at car shows when Ford, GM or others launch a concept vehicle and gauge reaction. At some, point every company can do the same thing.

NextPrinciples is focusing on socially mature companies and has a focus on the following scenarios:

  1. Crisis management
  2. Management of large numbers of accounts through a simple interface
  3. Marketing events.

Ted took me through a demo of how a company could track keywords and conversations relating to an event like a conference and then delve into what is being said and by whom. The system can further add the new contacts into your CRM system. From there you can create CRM service tickets and assign tasks to teams and monitor workflow.

As social interactions become more important and scaling to meet the needs of large numbers of customers becomes more important, solutions like the Insight-To-Action Platform from NextPrinciples seem to make a lot of sense.

The company tells me the platform offers user-based pricing determined by features and data volume.

In the progressive screens below you can see how a company can get a summary of social activity and drill down to see individual conversations and then take action based on business needs




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